Rail Growth Limited are able to teach, train, mentor and guide your host nation citizens to become world class professionals.
Our specialists can deliver courses on any subject from Finance and Economics, Commercial and Operational Training, to name a few.
Rail Growth’s teaching team hold Doctorates in Education. Combine this with years of experience and you see why we are able to deliver on Education.
Our teams real passion is to embed Knowledge Transfer, the process of moving ordinary citizens into rail freight.
Rail Growth have spent years developing Knowledge Transfer Strategies, so that you can develop your own population to become the best professionals possible in rail freight. This reduces the reliance on expensive specialists from abroad. 
Our specialists subject knowledge range from finance, commercial, logistics, strategic, operational, technological and general management. An ocean of opportunities for people aspiring to work in the sector. Nurturing your future leaders by structured teaching and industry focused coaching, creating the perfect grounding for great careers for your Citizens.