UK Universities

We can deploy the best UK Universities on projects of any size.
By working with UK Universities it enables us to call upon a staggering depth and breadth of knowledge.

But why should there be a need to work with Universities?

The reason is simple, and 2 fold…

First, within Rail Freight there are dozens of subject areas.

It is then possible to identify and break these down further into many sub-topics.

As we do this the knowledge required becomes more specialist.

We can react and target any of these smaller specialist areas by working with specific subject matter experts.

We then draw upon UK Universities.

It is also useful to know that our Company is supporting many highly specialised Masters Degree and PhD dissertation projects.

We act as an industry connection helping to provide field data and linking with other parts of the industry globally.

Secondly, Universities are often on the cutting edge of developing innovation. We can harness this and able to bring this innovation to real-world scenarios.