Bulk freight is the most interesting part of rail and typical products include Gypsum, Iron Ore, Limestone, Grain and more. 

The objective is simple. To move the highest tonnages, safely, over the shortest period of time. But in most Countries its not done to its highest potential, and the result, lower volumes, revenue and profit.

We have identified 206 key factors that affect this main objective. They all relate in some way to the discharge of the product from the wagon (car), loading of the product, and the on route journey. Of course the big secret to this is detailed planning before the project commences. But some Bulk projects require our intervention at later stages to ensure KPIs move in the desired direction.

Our Bulk specialists are the best in the world, and have decades of experience on multiple projects, bringing real improvement. They are backed up by a full team of industry specialists, engineers and modellers. We can and will make a difference to your revenue and profitability.