In short if the performance is not intended to be the best in the world then all other considerations are irrelevant

Don't accept less - Shippers demand better and aggressive truck based competition is universal

We have heard before so many times “we aim for 70-80%” on-time train running. This is usually full of excuses such as the newness of the locos, the congestion on the rail line, the unreliability of the terminals, workforce unreliability, the weather conditions, operational ineffectiveness. 

So, let us be clear here – performance aim should always be for 100%. Anything less and it is the wrong management team. Its not an easy journey to get performance to 100% – but, it is possible and it has been achieved. Yes, we achieved it.

Demand better

Why is a performance aim of 100% important?

OK so we know in the UK with 20,000+ trains running each day train slots are at a premium and if a departure time is, say, 5:06 onto the LTSR or Essex Thameside then that train has to leave at 5:06 right to the minute. Its an imperative. There are serious re-percussions for the persons responsible if it’s 1 minute late. But besides this the concept of performance is tied inextricably to that of asset use. The ability to plan assets (rail cars/locos/terminals /fuelling/maintenance) properly then use them properly. An operation running less than 99% (barring odd blips) does not have its assets planned properly. In intermodal, shipping lines will not accept poorly planned and run services. Price erosion will occur, leading to revenue erosion, and lower profitability.

So where do we fit in? We can audit your performance and see what others cannot and set you on a clear path to better performance results, which is tied to profitability.

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