The Gulf

Our office in Oman serves the Gulf states – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman and Kuwait.

Because projects here are starting from a blank canvas there is more scope to bring innovation.

Net Zero Freight

In partnership with the highly esteemed and respected Azza Al Ismaili Group.

Our Muscat office is working with UK Universities to look at what is the cutting edge of innovation in rail.

And existing projects we can take a critical look at progress and what can be done better.

Always working on behalf of the Gulf Country, helping them get the best outcomes from their existing suppliers.

The Gulf market is moving fast and is embracing many of the global challenges relating to Economic Growth and sustainability.

It is the most exciting and fast-growing part of our business.

“Innovation” and “Global Leading” are the big themes.

The Difference

Working Towards Zero Emission Freight – Rail freight generates much lower levels of emissions than road freight. 

Rail Freight is the most fuel efficient method of heavy freight transport. 

Moving freight by rail instead of truck reduces GHG emissions by up to 75%. On average a tonne of freight can be moved 454 miles on a single gallon of diesel fuel.

If an electric train is used, it truly is Net Zero.

SDRF concept will innovate to accelerate this process.

Let our results do the talking.

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