The financial model must support the long term aspirations and intentions of the business. 

Finesse Finance Model

Many financial models are incorrect. They do not reflect the realities of the business and are poorly understood and used. The inputs cannot be explained with absolute clarity and the outputs cannot be explained with absolute certainty. When asked what does it give? The answers are not clear and confident. Our team can audit and critically appraise any financial model.

It is essential that a financial model fits the business like a glove. We are expert in delivering that and we also provide teaching so that your staff understand it in regards to the end result.

We make it fit like a glove

Why just a cost modelling solution never works.

The key to making the financial model a success is to work to understand fully the elements of cost and revenue. Our unique integrated approach of a financial modelling team, commercial, operational and finance means the results are the best you will secure

Our team understand modelling including the ever present pitfalls and weaknesses.

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