Cost Cut

We guarantee to reduce costs in your rail freight 


First, we can guarantee to reduce the costs in your rail freight organisation. Not only this but we can help you reduce the cost where it matters. We are always concerned how much waste there is in most rail freight, particularly within the operations sphere. Clearly anyone can reduce costs by simply saying do not run any trains at all or fewer trains! The real work is in reducing unit cost whilst maintaining existing levels of freight volumes or increasing the volume!

We have combined the UKs best operations analysts, with decades of expertise in this, with the UKs best financial modellers to give an unrivalled combination. We turn your company upside down and inside out for some months to get to the heart of problems then we set-out a clear forward process to follow to get you on the optimum path for the future.

We have not yet seen a rail company with a financial model that fully reflects the operations and working of the Company. Let us be clear, that’s exactly what a model is, a reflection of reality. This is why we would never provide financial modellers to just help you on their own, they must be supported by operational and commercial expert oversight.